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MIC International Trade Consulting LLC. would like to remind our friends and  colleagues regarding our E-mail Marketing Services. Our Direct Email Marketing campaign offers database with over 20,000 pre-screened, pre-qualified, domestic and international companies. We are able to send your advertisement to all recipients with the following benefits. You will be guaranteed a FREE database of at least 100 companies in your business sector and their full contact information. MIC consultants will help you tailor your advertisement absolutely FREE of charge. You will create awareness of your full company profile and the product or service you’re selling (e.g. link to your site). You will be able to track successful results. MIC will also provide you with a “sent log report” generated by our software on each email sent on your behalf. Total cost of emailing all 20,000 recipients is 375.00USD.

My name is Vladik Vestel, I am the Director of Energy Trade here at MIC Trade Consulting LLC. As the first posting I just want to welcome you to join my blog and let you know that I will be keeping everyone in the loop of my projects which I’ll be positing as well as my needs to help those projects become successful. Feel free to not only read my blog, but also participate by offering feedback of any kind which will always be welcomed.