Thanksgiving is NOT...

Dear friend, in the past months my office has sent many messages offering many types of products and services. However, in this message MIC is not offering for sale a product or a service, rather I wish to  personally offer to you my utmost profound gratitude and unconditional friendship. Please accept.

This morning, I drove over Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin bridge and at the stop light there was a homeless man, with a foam cup in his hand asking for change. I rolled down my window and gave him the few quarters, nickels and dimes I had in my car’s ashtray. The light turned green so I drove off;- my mind pondering on Thanksgiving Day.  I thought of how joyful time it is to celebrate with family and friends. Yet, it is more joyful when you have all what you need to celebrate, some of us try and pack a whole year of eating, celebrating and living in one day. Others like the man in the bridge, have very little and then I thought that maybe, just maybe,  Thanksgiving is NOT what others might give to you or do for you but what you do for others.

Some of the greatest moments we will ever experience in life will not be in what we get for ourselves but in what we do for others.

Today, I am joyfully thankful for what you have done for MIC, and I am very grateful and will always remain thankful for you admirable business and kind friendship. Have a fantastic and phenomenal Holiday Season!! 

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