Tomorrow begins today

My friends, our Tomorrow begins Today!, better yet, a brilliant tomorrow begins right now for those of us who decide to accept the invitation to prosper in these difficult economic times.

I invite you to acquire a burning desire to innovate your international business efforts or simply acquire a desire not to get burn while performing or conducting your international trade activities.

At MIC we are constantly entering new areas of international trade, we are knowledge-based but also product and result oriented. International business today needs new innovation and leadership to succeed. Today, as we designed a prosperous tomorrow you should acknowledge that new dimensions of thought are needed for success.


We have the international “know-how” to get your international venture to the right place with the right people and to get the profitable results you deserve.

Our potential for success is only limited by what we think we know. We can only execute what we are able to perform-and what seems impossible at one moment, we can do at another appropriate-moment-in-time.

Let MIC help you open your international trade imagination, we open the doorway to success, we are your gateway to Latin America.

It is never too late in life to explore. Exploration leads to discovery.

Even when we retire from our occupation, we must never retire from life. Explore Latin America!!

Are you now ready to accept success? If so, then come talk to us.

Your brilliant tomorrow begins today!!

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Importance of self knowledge

written by Jim Weaver , December 10, 2010

Good morning Brigg!


Your thoughts reminded me of the above referenced web site concerning the importance of self knowledge.

I will try to reach you today at your cell phone hoping we might continue the stimulating conversation we had last night!

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