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“Allow us to lead you through the next generation of doing business with our professional services”

Trade from one company to another has exploded over the past decade and will undoubtedly continue to flourish as it will be one of the most important vehicles for an economic recovery. While this global expansion continues, so does the regulatory requirements when dealing in foreign countries. MIC International, through its strong network of business executives, is able to provide you with the top level service for all your international trade needs.

At MIC International we know the needs of our customers and in this global economy the customer always requires a little more than a cold business relationship: It demands the highest quality of product or service and professional care. With this in mind, we offer the following services:

International Trade Consulting

With strong international expertise in various industries, our team provides insight and guidance through all your international business activities. Through a keen understanding of international policies and the unique international economic environments in which we function-we provide recommendations and insights that add value to your organization.

Our training division is designed to proficiently and professionally engage your executives, export manager, international managers, and international sales force to fully comprehend the intricacies of international trade. Our training core curriculum can be customized to include such subjects as:

  • International Branding and Marketing Strategies
  • Logistics and Customs
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • International Regulations and Compliance
  • Outsourcing Solutions
  • Distribution Channels; the realistic approach
  • Market Research; quantitative techniques and qualitative tools
  • Manufacturing Overseas; sourcing and outsourcing

And much more! Contact us to schedule a custom training session for your specific needs

Market Research (Qualitative and Quantitative), Competitive Intelligence

MIC International provides business critical Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence services to deliver a competitive edge to our clients. Our objective is to provide comprehensive and actionable insight to our clients about their competitors’ current activities and competitive threats and market opportunities that could have a major impact on business results.

Services Include:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Analysis

Sector -Specific Trade Missions to Latin America & the Caribbean

MIC International Trade Consulting trade mission program coordinates trips to Latin American countries for companies interested in exporting. Our export assistance team will be able to help clients develop detailed export sales and marketing goals, distribution strategies, and offer pre- and post mission support services.

In the past, MIC international has successfully matched client companies with prospective buyers in such trade missions. Our highly experienced staff is proficient in organizing business agendas by thoroughly studying our clients’ profiles and objectives in order to select the best match for their requirements. Our solid match-making track record shows a high conversion rate in building long lasting business relationships and increased sales of our client companies.

Foreign Direct Investment Opportunities

MIC International Trade Consulting provides investors access to a variety of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) opportunities in Latin American emerging markets.

MIC International Trade Consulting, in cooperation with our strategic management division MIC Annex (which specializes in providing strategic management business support services), is able to offer a full spectrum of services under one roof to assist with your FDI efforts.

Company Representation & Lead Generation

MIC International Trade Consulting provides regional and international representation services for domestic or international companies wishing to establish themselves in new marketplaces.

Our lead generation services will immediately impact your business bottom-line. Our team of professionals will ensure that leads are created and nurtured for all products and services, enabling the field sales force to fill their pipelines and meet revenue targets.

Distributor, Buyer and Agent Search

Latin America can be a very challenging marketplace to investigate and without local knowledge and assistance, finding prospective buyers or distributors can be a very difficult task. MIC International Trade Consulting offers different levels of business matchmaking services that will help you locate potential business partners in Latin America. Our staff will work with you to maximize your search, through a combination of international experience and knowledge of the local marketplace.

Other Services Include:

  • Branding & International Marketing
  • Problem Project Rescue™
  • Logistics and Custom Brokers
  • International Debt Collections
  • New Product Launch events
  • Direct Access and Connections™ Reach the highest levels of governments and industry leaders