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M.I.C. International Trade Consulting is your gateway to Latin America and a professional consulting and commodities brokerage firm, which promotes and protects your business interest through professional and expert advise on your international trade activities. The influence and network of M.I.C. in Latin America and the Caribbean facilitates connections among top level business, commodity sources and government executives in the Western Hemisphere.

The mission of M.I.C. International Trade Consulting is to provide a set of specific international consulting services and high quality commodity products that add value to your domestic and international trade activities through an unsurpassed body-of-knowledge and experience, and to promote profitability and protect your international interest and endeavors.

M.I.C. International Trade Consulting is a for profit consulting and commodities brokerage firm and is known as a leading international business development and international trade firm. Our local and international partners recognize that we are among the top Latin America and Caribbean trade experts and consistently acknowledge that our service, products and capabilities are world-class.

We are your Gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean.