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Our Job


We care about our clients and we care about results. We provide ethical and pro active consulting services. We offer clear, objective, timely and sensible business advice. We broker high quality commodity products to satisfy market demands.

We are committed to the highest ethical consulting standards and respond to our clients’ commodities needs with prudence. We promote and protect our clients’ interest.

We know international trade. Expect no less. When our clients’ international problems and needs require thinking outside the box processes, then we are not bound by conventional wisdom and noble arguments. We redefine boundaries and generate profitable results and viable solutions.
Our clients’ routine business matters are handled with precision and care and when a problem calls for a creative strategic approach M.I.C.’s experts rise to the occasion and we surely affect the outcome to our client’s favor.

When budget is in issue, count on us for financial arrangements that defy the conventional payment terms.


Communicating internationally on your behalf and in your favor is not a budgetary limitation to us. To maintain efficient communications with our clients, we continually invest in secure and reliable information technologies. Our international research capabilities and final reports are all delivered both in digital format as well as in hard-copy, plus a detailed point-by-point briefing at the conclusion of every project.

Travel Capabilities

Our personnel are world travelers and are available to travel to any part of the world with 24 hrs notice. Whether you need our consulting on-site assistance in a trade mission, trade show, on-site commodity product inspection or international executive meetings, we are able to be with you or represent you at a very short notice.